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Planning a Corporate Event in D.C.

A successful group meeting is in the combined effort of its key players. Securing the perfect venue is just one step in our 5 W's of planning a hassle-free event. With a little focus and patience, you can make the most out of your corporate gathering. Explore your options for spacious boardroom venues in Washington D.C. and plan the perfect group meeting!
A successful corporate gathering is a product of intense preparation. In Washington D.C., holding your group event could have you lost in the details, but with a little focus and planning - you can have yourself a hassle-free meeting! In order to ensure that, we've narrowed down the process to the 5 W's of planning your event and here they are,

Group Meeting Checklist

  • WHY? - Understand the core values your gathering will enforce. Identify a problem that needs to be addressed and compile an agenda of how the issue can be resolved. Utilize the meeting to solidify on a solution and also discuss a plan of action. Ensure your agenda covers all the key points and avoid deviating from it.
  • WHAT? - Make sure all the equipment needed is acquired and functions properly. Testing them out prior to the meeting can help you plan and time yourself, that way you are prepared and relaxed on the day of the event. If you're renting equipment, plan early and call in at least a week before the meeting.
  • WHERE? - Attempt to think out of the box and plan the meeting outside of the workplace. Offering a change in environment for your peers can help provide better productivity results. Make sure venues are available and book them well in advance if they can perfectly accommodate your event requirements.
  • WHEN? - Once you have the location set, plan a suitable time convenient to your peers' commitments. Be a step ahead in the process and send out the agenda a couple days before the meeting. Now your attendees can plan around your event & also can be aware of what will be discussed during the meeting.
  • WHO? - Make sure to share the planning with other individuals. Delegate tasks or topics that need to be covered to strong team members in order to lessen the stress of having to manage all aspects of the meeting. Having more people to help plan and manage the event allows for more attendees to have a variety of voices to listen to

Meeting Venues in Washington, D.C.

Finding the perfect place to hold your meeting is actually simpler than you think! At One Washington Circle Hotel, our ideal venue for your dynamic business event in Washington, D.C. offers chic decor and 3,500 square feet of meeting and banquet space for up to 150 guests. Our successful team of dedicated event planners and talented culinary artists is on hand to help you plan every detail and ensure a distraction free meeting. Explore our spaces with our 4 spacious floor plans to get a better idea of how your meeting could look in our hotel.
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